Birkeland Farm is a result of the collaboration of sisters Lisa and Lynne to create a farm/ranch close to the metro Portland area in Oregon.  Located in Beavercreek Oregon on a 70 acre cattle ranch, the farm occupies a few acres at the southwest corner of the ranch along Beavercreek Rd.

With Lisa's years of experience with horses & successfully competing in the Cutting sport, and Lynne's experience in horticulture, passion of nutritious & natural food, as well as a love of animal husbandry, their dream came true when an available cattle ranch was identified in Beavercreek, Oregon.

Lisa and husband Tim, were able to obtain the cattle ranch and start a new herd of Corriente cattle, used in the cutting and roping sports, to support Lisa's efforts. The southwest corner of the property was an ideal location for a small farm, with a greenhouse facility, planting rows, a small field for retail products, and plenty of pasture for raising meat chickens and beef.

The farm needed a name to create our own identity as well as create the farm business.  Being a family operation, it was fitting to call back to Lisa & Lynne's Norwegian born grandmother, the patriarch of the family, Josephine Louise Birkeland Moen.  Birkeland translates as Land of Birches, of which none existed, but are being added one at a time.

Lynne serves as the face and primary contact for Birkeland Farm, along with her husband Scott, starting small in 2014 with a few chickens, a couple head of cattle, a few goats, some produce rows and a moderate garlic planting. 

Each new season since that first year has seen incremental growth and a gradual increase in products and volume.  We continue to welcome new customers and appreciate serving our returning customers each season.

We thank all of our customers and business partners for helping to make this small farm successful.

Farmer Scott

Lisa doing what she does best

Lynne greeting a customer at one of our local Farmers Markets

Our Story

Rancher Tim