Grass Fed Lamb

We may not be providing lamb in 2018.  Check back or contact us for any updates.

More information and updates to be added to this website...check back soon.

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Grass Fed Beef
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Pastured Chicken

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As we strive to grow most of our own food, we do on occasion have extra produce which we either process for later or offer at the Markets. We usually have a great selection of hardneck garlic.

We offer grass fed and grass finished Beef. No antibiotics, no hormones or added grain. Shares as well as USDA individual cuts are available mostly in Summer and Fall.

We do offer Bone Broth made from our pasture raised animals, Beef and Chicken. The broth is made following the Weston Price Foundation guidelines, simmered for days adding some vegetables, no salt.

Pastured raised chicken, raised on fresh pasture, moved daily, fed a corn and soy free feed.​

Available as whole chicken, breasts, hind-quarters (leg & thigh) and wings.