Reserve a bulk order of 10 Whole Broiler Chickens for June 2021.
This is a non-refundable deposit for 10 Whole Chickens at our bulk discount, $4.75/lb.
Total cost is $240; $140 balance due upon receipt.

Whole Bulk Chickens (Deposit) - June 2021

  • We process chickens several times between May and October, and now offer pre-order of 10 Whole Chickens at our bulk order price.


    Please choose the processing month you prefer, limited availability.


    If you see "Out of Stock" on the month you want, please inquire as we may be able to make additional whole chicken available.

  • Our popular Pastured Chicken is available May-October as supplies last.


    We use a portable chicken pen model, moving each group daily to enable access to fresh pasture & bugs. This is a seasonal product, usually not available during Winter months.  First available chicken of the season is mid-May.


    We use a locally milled no-corn, no-soy, all natural chicken feed.